Rare Antique Brass Astrolabe from Morocco

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This is an 18th century Moroccan astrolabe complete with mater, rete and six tympans all with with fine arabic etching.

This astrolabe was likely to have been made as a copy of more elaborate and ancient examples.

It is in good condition despite some areas of tarnishing commensurate with age and is somewhat heavy weighing in over 1 kilo!

This astrolabe is astronomical rather than astrological meaning that the six tympans have mathematical tables as opposed to astrological tables.

It is a wonderful collectors' piece.

Moroccan astrolabes are very hard to find and those that can be found n the souk are either crude recent copies or slightly better recent versions sold expensively in larger high-end emporiums.


18th century




17 cm (h) x 12 cm (w) x 2.7 cm (d)


1.04 kg



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