About us

Martin and Kathy in Essaouira

Berber Jewellery is founded by Martin and Kathy Dady from the UK.

Over the last 8 years they have shared their time between living in Birmingham and in a Berber village in Morocco. Their experience of local life and culture in Morocco has consolidated their passion for all things Moroccan. The stunning nature of both Berber jewellery and vintage rugs has particularly piqued their interest and enthusiasm and has led to in-depth study and research of these fascinating items. During their time in Morocco they have sourced many vintage and antique items from learned collectors of ethnic adornment. Many of their collected items of jewellery and adornment are now for sale here in their online gallery - minus of course those favourite items that they just can't bear to part with.

Vintage Moroccan rugs can be purchased from their sister site, The Rug Souk.