Vintage Ait Ouaouzguite Belt

Vintage Belt - Ait Ouaouzguite

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This is a stunning example of a vintage woman’s belt, handmade by the Ait Ougharda tribe, part of the Ait Ouaouzguite tribal confederation, in the Jbel Siroua region of Morocco. It was made circa 1950. The wool used is of very high quality and is skilfully woven by the local women to include intricate patterns in the design. Motifs and symbols are traditional. Natural dyes from locally grown flowers and roots form the striking colours which are indicative of textiles from this region. The belt is completed with beautiful lattice work and hand-tied tassels. An amazing collector's piece.


Circa 1950




260 cm x 16 cm


550 g



The tribeswomen of the Ait Ouaouzguite tribal confederation are renowned for their weaving skills. As well as beautiful rugs, they have produced very intricately woven belts through the ages. The weaving is very fine, the patterns designed are very intricate and the natural dyes used produce very rich colours. They are a collector’s dream.

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