Vintage pair of cylindrical amulets from Yemen

NEW PRICE - Pair of vintage cylindrical hirz (amulets) from Yemen

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A matching pair of beautiful original cylindrical amulets, made in Yemen in the first half of the 20th century. Each cylinder is encased with very fine wire and has four sets of long chain dangles. These stunning pieces may have been worn as part of a Yemeni bride's adornment.

This piece is made of low-grade silver. The amount of silver used by Yemenite silversmiths to make jewellery depended on the wealth of the person commissioning the piece. However, silversmiths still carried out work to the same standard regardless of the metal used, creating beautiful decorative items.




Low-grade silver


Each case:
10.5 cm (top to bottom) including dangles
Cylinder 8.0 cm (w) x 1.5 cm (dia.)


41.3 g/42.4 g



An amulet (hirz in Arabic) is an object worn by a person as a form of protection. It is believed to ward off all danger and protect the person from all harm. Often it will be combined with beads or worn on a chain as a piece of jewellery. Some amulets contain verses from the Qur'an as perceived added protection. The amulets in our collection include Tuareg tcherot, Yemeni prayer boxes, boghdad and Tuareg crosses.

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