Vintage Tuareg leather camel bag

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An original vintage handcrafted Tuareg saddle bag made from painted leather. This large bag was used by the Tuareg people to transport both personal possessions such as clothes, drink and food across Saharan sands, as well as possibly goods for trading. Strips of leather dyed in beautiful shades of burnt red, rich browns, ochre and green with hand stitching were used to make geometric designs and fringing was added to embellish the bag. Silk threads were used for strength and beauty. Goods for transportation would have been stuffed into the bag through the narrow funnel-like neck of the bag on each side. This authentic saddle bag has natural signs of wear due to its age and usage. A beautiful collector’s piece.

Wow, this is an amazing Tuareg bag! It’s huge! Who did it belong to and what did they carry within it? What journeys has it made through the Sahara? A real piece of nomadic history.

Circa 1970.

120 cm x 80 cm / 3' 11" x 2' 7".

3.70 kg.

Ref: TRG-BAG-101.

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