Pair of vintage fibulae from the Draa Valley

Pair of mid-century fibulae made by the Ait Atta tribe, Morocco

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These large mid-century traditional fibulae were made by the Ait Atta tribe of Morocco. They used casting and moulding methods to produce these beautiful fibulae which were then patterned further by hand by smiths. They are now hard to find, especially in such good condition.


Mid 20th century


Nickel silver (copper, nickel & zinc)


14.5 cm (h) x 7.5 cm (w)


85 g & 89 g




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Fibulae (tizerzai in Tamazight; tabzimt in Arabic) are traditional Berber brooches, usually attached together by a chain, which come in pairs and are worn by women to fasten items of clothing together as well as being very decorative items. Women from different regions show their identity by wearing distinctive shaped fibulae, often very ornate. They symbolise feminine fertility.

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